Give me some more!

So… last week I went to spend few days to Madrid, I have some friends there plus others were visiting too so I thought it was a good moment to meet them all. I hadn’t seen some of them in more than 2 years!

So of course we went out, we drunk, we walked and walked and walked….from bar to bar, went shopping… But mostly we ate. Yes, of course. It’s a huge part of Spanish culture. The food. If you ever ask me what is my favorite dish, i would instantly answer “food”. You just can’t make me choose!

So I met a friend from college and his boyfriend. They brought me to this little typical spanish restaurant called “Casa Macareno”. Just few tables, traditional decoration, but delicious food and outstanding service!

I have to admit I have a thing about “croquetas”… and those over there… OMG! They were made with fresh milk, Iberian Ham and… truffles!!!!!! Yes, you heard it. The “patatas bravas” are normally made with tomato sauce, alioli and tabasco over thick cute potatoes. The ones at “Macareno’s” weren’t. Yes, they were thick but the sauce… sugar coat tomato, quince alioli, dijon mustard… That sweet and spicy mixed was out oIMG_20160611_222018 copiaf this world!

But not all was fried… we got some fish too. First a “tiradito de lubina” over a bed of sliced potatoes, with some garlic, chili peppers, olive, vinegar… so juicy and tasty! and then “sardinas de Laredo”. I don’t think I have words for that.

To end this extraordinary meal, we order the “Cream and dulce de leche millefeuille”. I thoug
ht it would be too sweet but on the contrary, they found the perfect balance! The cream was light, it had the right amount of dulce de leche, and a vanilla ice-cream scoop and strawberries to make it just perfect.

They know how to turn traditional and simple spanish recipes into these over-the-top eating experience!


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