You know… friends?

During the course of our lives we all bump into all kind of people, some more likable than others, and finding ourselves surprisingly making bonds with the most random ones.

Well, here there are some of those who are part of my life now.

There is what I call the “Bragging Gossiper”. It is that friend that you don’t hear from for ages, and only contacts you to gossip about you, friends in common that you are closer to them than her, or to brag about something in her life. Other than that… MIA. Last time I saw her was last Christmas. We normally do a classmates reunion.After that I did¡t hear from her for 2 months, when she contacted me inviting me to her place to have a drink and nibbles. So I did. It turned out she just moved in with her boyfriend and she wanted to show me how cool,how well she decorated it, ‘cause you know, she chose aaaaaaaaaaaaall from the curtains to the floors. The tour around the 85 sqm took almost an hour! A whole hour. I learnt a lot about closets and sheets. It was 9pm already and I was starving, but she told me she was on a diet so… just a glass of water. For both of us. That included me. I wanted to scream at her “I am not on a diet!!! You said a drink and nibbles!!!!”. So since all I was going to get from than enlightening visit was a plain glass of water, I decided to leave… and it started snowing.  Wonderful evening. Then again I didn’t hear form her for another 4 months when she wanted to talk about our common friend getting married, her annoying fiancé and how miserable he was going to be. Not for me!!!!!

There is this other one, the one “in love with love”.  You can’t go to her for romantic advice. On that issue, she is an optimistic romantic. I don’t think she has ever been alone for more than a month. We could also call her “Tarzan” cause she doesn’t let go one without catching the next one! She always tells you to take a leap of faith, that everything is going to be ok, that the only important thing is if you two love each other, distance doesn’t matter, money doesn’t matter, nothing else matters. And it’s kind of true, but with shades. She also disappears from your life during the first months of her new conquest, but deeply you know you can count on her. It not all lost!

The next is the “rainbows and unicorns”. I know it sounds weird, but it is not. She lives in her own world where she is the princess and everything revolves around her. She is really amazing at asking for, and to actually have people doing what she wants for her, but not in a manipulative way. You kind of feel like you have to do it because, you know, she is so awesome, so pretty, so nice, so funny, so stylish… that you have to. Good thing I¡m not under her spell, and she knows that so that’s why we are such good friends. We put boundaries. She loves to be the center of attention, make a big entrance, always late, to make sure you are expecting her. She likes to flirt, a lot. And she gives away her phone number to anyone willing to use it, to after complain about how annoying it is to be contacted by so many people.

The last one to close the list is the “slaphappy”. She is not specially warm, not with you not even with her family or boyfriend. When you ask her what she wanna do, or eat, or go… her answer is always the same: “I don’t care”. But she kind of does. Cause she doesn’t like sushi so of course, not a sushi place. She doesn’t hug either. But you know she cares cause after 18 years, she is still one phone away to listen to your dramas, jokes or whatever nonsense you made up that time. She is a true friend that frowns every time you kiss her or hug her or tell her about your “boys problems”. But she is also the friend that would stick by your side even if is to bury a body.

I am so fortunate for having the friends that I do… Of course I didn’t put them all in the list, how could I! Lucky me it would be a really long one!  I wonder under which “category” they would put me… but better to not ask questions you don’t wanna know the answer about!



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