Millennials… are born or made?

The other day I read an article about how the so called millennials do not care or worry about the same things our parents did. Previous generations were worried about working hard, earning a lot of money to have the best car, a nice loft, a beach house, the other one on the mountains for the winter, dinning at fancy restaurants… Some also wanted the whole pack: family, children, a pet. Basically, it said they wanted the money to accumulate properties, assets, and to get certain status and guarantee a high quality life for their beloved ones. Nothing wrong about that.

The magazine was comparing that “philosophy” with the “spirit” of the millennials. Millennials do not care about all those materialistic things! They care about EXPERIENCES. They travel the world, go to music festivals, work here and there just to save enough money for the next adventure. They share everything through social media, pics of their holidays (although for them holidays are not to relax from work but to meet more people, to do more, to learn more, to go further), their thoughts, opinions, frustrations. So for this new generation, having a family is also relegated to a second position. They may want it, they may not, but they do not have that pressure on them. Plus when you bounce from one place to another it is quite hard to settle. And if they finally decide to do so, it is normally later than our ancestors.

Ok. I might agree with all that. Now things are different. Of course not everybody is doing the same but is a general tendency. But… (yes, here it comes the big BUT) my question is…

Are millennials born or made? Or what it would be worse… forced to be?

Global finances dropped down, really deep. Some countries were more affected than others but it was something more or less generalized. So when the unemployment rates are higher than ever, when the price of the shopping basket keep rising up, when companies use the “excuse” of the crisis (sometimes when they are not even affected or not in a big way at least) to cut down salaries and firing people, how come would we even dream with having a house on each continent when we are not even able to have just a small flat and leave our parents home?

Now the governments show their worries about the fall of the birth rate. Well, it is not like they are helping so much to improve it! People just can not afford to have more kids!

So I’m wondering if this pretty picture about the millennials, their freedom, their trips, their experiences, it is just another nice way to put the reality to make it more attractive. Like they did with youth unemployment. They said it was lower than the previous years and they all tap their own backs for a well done job. But they forgot to mention the astonishing number of that young people leaving the country to look for jobs even in other continents due to the lack of it at their own. So I guess that made the trick.

So…are millennials “millennials” or just the result of a series of bad political decisions and a financial crash down?


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