Austria’s road trip Vol.1

I met one of my best friends while living Beijing. She is Spanish but is currently living in London. So we try to meet up at least twice a year. I went to visit her in July to assist a concert that was finally cancelled but we had a great time. So after that we decided to organize a road trip to celebrate both of our birthdays. Her is at the end of october and mine and the end of november so we choose a week at mid november. We both flew over and meet in Munich. We have some friends there so it was the prefect chance to catch up all together and visit Munich.

We rented a car there and drove to Salzburg. Since we were going to cross borders, they charged us a little more at the rental car company. The roads  are really well signed so it was easy to get there even with no gps. It took me a while to get used to the speed limits, or no-limits. Drivers were honking at me even when I was going over 150 kms/h. It took us less than 2 hours to get there. We rented an airbnb place close to Mirabelle’s Castle. Salzburg it’ s a really comfortable city to walk around at. We parked the park and didn’t move it while staying there. Everything is walking distance!


We went to visit Mirabell’s castle and I have to say its gardens are perfecto spend the whole day there just walking, reading a book…. better during the spring! Stunning anyway, really well taken care of and clean.

also, wherever you look at, you can see a building, a coffee shop, a square… all honoring Mozart. We actually went to Mozarplatz and had wiener in one of the stands there. So yummy! The whole city was like in the pictures and movies. It has some kind of magic. Plus when we went, the Christmas markets were being settled so it just couldn’t get any better! It was out of a fairy tale!

If you go during winter, bring warm clothes with you… Being crossed by a river, when the sun goes down it gets really cold…. the humidity doesn’t help either.

We were recommended a not so touristic restaurant, like 15 min walking from downtown, following the river to the north. Its name was Bärenwirt. As we were getting closer, we could already smell the wood ovens and the delicious food cooked there. It’s a really traditional place and it was full, all the floors! I got a bit confused about what they call “dumpling”. I’m used to eat traditional chinese dumplings so when I read on the menu “meat dumpling soup”, I wrongly thought it would be similar to the chinese wonton soup. Instead, there was some sort of meatball in the middle of the soup. It happens that there, they have different kinds of dumplings, potato, bread, meat, fishy, veggies… but all ball-shaped. SO really, nothing to do with the chinese dumplings. the soup looked a bit nasty but it was simply delicious. Mine was the one on the right. My friend order the liver dumpling… which is the one in the cup on the left! I liked mine more…


We shared a table with 2 guys from Korea. I like this kind of community tables, you get to  meet a lot of interesting people.

After drinking a Glühwein to keep us warm, we went back to the house crossing one of the bridges along the river, and the views of Salzburg from there… just stunning.


Next stop… St. Gilgen and Bad Ischl!


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