Austria’s road trip. Vol.2

We left Salzburg early in the morning because we wanted to visit a couple of places before getting to a small tiny, in the middle of no where accommodation for  a couple of nights. It really surprised me how dar was in Austria once the sun went down. Almost no street lights. Just the ones from the cars. So by 5 pm it was dark blind. So we had to wake up quite early every day if we wanted to squeeze the daylight.

On our way to Werfenweng, we stopped first at Saint Gilgen, a small village (less than 100 square meters), better known for being the place where Mozart’s mother was born.

It is just right on the lake Wolfgangsee. The views of the crystalline waters, the snowed mountains, the ducks, the bandstand… made it quite a charming place to scroll around.

Even the cemetery was beautiful!

As we walked around the place, we could see how well decorated were all the buildings. The colors, the details, a lot of catholics symbols writing in the walls, the saints, everything. Coming form a catholic country where some people is even ashamed of wearing a cross around there neck, seeing how they express their faith in every aspect of their life, actually moved me and made me a little bit jealous.

We went to Cafe Dallman for a hot chocolate, we heard it was the famous one and it started drizzling so it was perfect timing and excuse for a little treat.

Once we finished, we drove to Bad Ischl, or as fans of the movie “Sissi” can recall is the place were the young Emperor Fraz Josef I of Austria met her future wife Princess Elisabeth, better known as Sissi. Surprisingly enough, my friend had never watched that movie!!!! So, even though is pretty old (1955), we found it online and watch it to see in person what we watch on the tv.

But as the foodies we are, the first thing we did as we arrived to Bad Ischl, was parked the car (you have to pay for parking everywhere) and find a spot for lunch. We went to a typical austrian restaurant called k.u.k. Hofwirt zu Ischl. Got a meat soup, without actual dices of meat this time, not the rounded dumpling from Salzburg, and got only that cause we saw the desserts… and looked simply delicious! And believe, having that and a warm tea was more than enough to face the cold weather outside and the constant drizzling.

When we finished we went for a scroll, again, there was so small you could walk anywhere. The small town is crossed by a river, surrounded by mountains, full of small houses, and then again, their designs, the structure, the details and decorations, the colors…. I guess it would have been even more impressive with a sunny day but being this cloudy and rainy gave it some kind of melancholic look that I wouldn’t change for a sec.

After visiting the Villa (only from the outside, it was closed by then), and the green surroundings, we decided to go to Werfenweng before it was too dark. It started snowing and it was our first time driving on those roads so better with a bit of light and no ice!


Going there during low season has pros and cons. There is no tourists, so you don’t have to wait in line for anything, nor booking restaurants in advance, nor paying extremely high prices for hotels. But, there is always a but, a lot of places are closed. As it happens next to where we were staying. During low season, it seems that restaurants in the valley make shifts to open, so do not trust google or trip advisor if they say it’s open, cause it wasn’t. We were driving around, up the hill, down the hill, to a restaurante, a hostel, camping…. to end up buying something for dinner at the gas station, were we found some of the villagers having dinner and a drink… Only place opened that day!

Love having this kind of frustrating but funny experiences!



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