Austria Road Trip. Vol.3

Good morning from Werfenweng!!!!!

And these were the views from our house!

I’m used to cold weather but my friend, from the south of Spain, hadn’t seen that much snow in her entire life! We had a quick breakfast with some stuff we bought at the gas station the past night and headed to Hallstatt and Obertraun. it was so early in the morning we had so drive quite slowly because of the fog and black ice, but he views were stunning. Once we reached the main road, it was much cleaner. We even crossed paths with a small deer!!!!!

Lucky enough, when we arrived to Hallstatt, a sunny day and blue sky welcomed us! Even being low season, there was a bunch of buses with asian tourists, and those can park in a parking lot right in the middle of the town. For private cars, there are a couple more at the end of the village (also one in the middle but it was closed at that time). We parked there and went walking to visit the place. For being such a small town, it has a lot of religious symbols all over the place, and a beautiful church just in the middle, next to the lake. The fog was down, just touching the water, the sun reflecting on the snowy peaks of the mountains, some ducks swimming like in slow motion, … it look just like out of a postcard.

We crossed the whole town and got some souvenirs (I bought a bunch of christmas decorations for the tree, it’s kind of a tradition already!) and then we sat on the terrace of a restaurant just next to the lake. Peaceful views, really tasty schnitzel, more mulled wine… From Halstatt you can see Obertraun on the other side of the lake, as well as a nice castle that we tried to access but it happened to be a private property, not opened to the public so… don’t try it!


After lunch, we visit the place walking next to the river. Houses there has a lot of personality and there not 2 identical ones. We went up the hill (you can go hiking or take the tram. Since we didn’t have so much time and the paths were muddy and frozen, we chose the tram). My friend is afraid of heights so it was quite a test for her. Once you are up there, there is a viewpoint, like a trampoline getting out of the mountain, from where you can check both town simultaneously.

Once down, we drove to Obertraun, like 10 minutes ride. It’s a completely different scenario from Hallstatt even though they are so close and just in from of each other. You get into Obertraun crossing the river, is like in the middle of nowhere. Just one road to get in and out. Quite isolated and protected by those walls of mountains surrounding it. It was a quick visit (remember, don’t try to access the castle! 🙂 ) but the view were breathtaking.

And then again we left before the sun went down to not get lost back to Wenferweng, plus there was some nice castles on our way back home. This time, we found a place opened for dinner!!!!! It was just going down the ill form Wenferweng, in a town called Pfarrwerfen. We were the first tourists (not from Austria) they had seen since high season! The restaurant was within a hostel called Landgasthof Reitsamerhof (sounds like a tongue twister) and as you can see in their website, it’s all in austrian… No english menu so we tried to explain ourselves with some mimic. It was pretty funny actually. Austrian people are os welcoming and they really try to help you. Even though the waiter didn’t know english, we made it to order some delicious dishes!

We got the potato salad, veggie dumplings ( here we are again with the Austrian dumplings! I must admit I’m not a big fan of vegetables but those were delicious), and the veggies underneath were so soft and tasty… And the typical roasted pork with some more dumplings. If you ever pass by there, I would highly recommend it. Cozy environment, good, helpful and welcoming service, delicious food,… Perfect ending for an amazing day!


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